Privacy Policy

Policy summary

Personal Data collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

o  Analytics

§  Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and WordpressStats

PersonalData: Cookies and Usage Data

o  Contacting the User

§  Contact form

PersonalData: email address and first name

§  Mailing list or newsletter

PersonalData: Cookies, email address and first name

o  Content commenting

§  Comment system managed directly

PersonalData: Cookies, email address and first name

o  Content performanceand features testing (A/B testing)

§  Google Website Optimizer

PersonalData: Cookies and Usage Data

o  Displaying contentfrom external platforms

§  Gravatar

PersonalData: email address and Usage Data

o  Interaction withexternal social networks and platforms

§  Facebook Like button and social widgets and TwitterTweet button and social widgets

PersonalData: Cookies and Usage Data

o  Managing contacts andsending messages

§  MailChimp

PersonalData: email address

o  Registration andauthentication

§ Single Sign On

PersonalData: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

o  Social features

§  Inviting and suggesting friends

PersonalData: various types of Data

§  Public profile

PersonalData: email address, first name and last name

o  SPAM protection

§  Akismet

PersonalData: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service








Full policy

Types of Data collected

Among the types of Personal Data that this Applicationcollects, by itself or through third parties, there are: first name, emailaddress, Cookies, Usage Data, various types of Data and last name.

Complete details on each type of Personal Datacollected are provided in the dedicated sections of this privacy policy or byspecific explanation texts displayed prior to the Data collection.
Personal Data may be freely provided by the User, or, in case of Usage Data,collected automatically when using this Application.
Unless specified otherwise, all Data requested by this Application is mandatoryand failure to provide this Data may make it impossible for this Application toprovide its services. In cases where this Application specifically states thatsome Data is not mandatory, Users are free not to communicate this Data withoutconsequences to the availability or the functioning of the Service.
Users who are uncertain about which Personal Data is mandatory are welcome tocontact the Owner.
Any use of Cookies – or of other tracking tools – by this Application or by theowners of third-party services used by this Application serves the purpose ofproviding the Service required by the User, in addition to any other purposesdescribed in the present document and in the Cookie Policy, if available.

Users are responsible for any third-party PersonalData obtained, published or shared through this Application and confirm thatthey have the third party's consent to provide the Data to the Owner.

Mode and place of processing the Data

Methods of processing

The Owner takes appropriate security measures toprevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or unauthorizeddestruction of the Data.
The Data processing is carried out using computers and/or IT enabled tools,following organizational procedures and modes strictly related to the purposesindicated. In addition to the Owner, in some cases, the Data may be accessibleto certain types of persons in charge, involved with the operation of thisApplication (administration, sales, marketing, legal, system administration) orexternal parties (such as third-party technical service providers, mailcarriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies) appointed,if necessary, as Data Processors by the Owner. The updated list of theseparties may be requested from the Owner at any time.

Legal basis of processing

The Owner may process Personal Data relating to Usersif one of the following applies:

·      Users have given their consent for oneor more specific purposes. Note: Under some legislations the Owner may beallowed to process Personal Data until the User objects to such processing(“opt-out”), without having to rely on consent or any other of the followinglegal bases. This, however, does not apply, whenever the processing of PersonalData is subject to European data protection law;

·      provision of Data is necessary for theperformance of an agreement with the User and/or for any pre-contractualobligations thereof;

·      processing is necessary for compliancewith a legal obligation to which the Owner is subject;

·      processing is related to a task that iscarried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authorityvested in the Owner;

·      processing is necessary for the purposesof the legitimate interests pursued by the Owner or by a third party.

In any case, the Owner will gladly help to clarify thespecific legal basis that applies to the processing, and in particular whetherthe provision of Personal Data is a statutory or contractual requirement, or arequirement necessary to enter into a contract.


The Data is processed at the Owner's operating officesand in any other places where the parties involved in the processing arelocated.

Depending on the User's location, data transfers may involve transferring theUser's Data to a country other than their own. To find out more about the placeof processing of such transferred Data, Users can check the section containingdetails about the processing of Personal Data.

Users are also entitled to learn about the legal basisof Data transfers to a country outside the European Union or to anyinternational organization governed by public international law or set up bytwo or more countries, such as the UN, and about the security measures taken bythe Owner to safeguard their Data.

If any such transfer takes place, Users can find out more by checking therelevant sections of this document or inquire with the Owner using theinformation provided in the contact section.

Retention time

Personal Data shall be processed and stored for aslong as required by the purpose they have been collected for.


·      Personal Data collected for purposesrelated to the performance of a contract between the Owner and the User shallbe retained until such contract has been fully performed.

·      Personal Data collected for the purposesof the Owner’s legitimate interests shall be retained as long as needed tofulfill such purposes. Users may find specific information regarding thelegitimate interests pursued by the Owner within the relevant sections of thisdocument or by contacting the Owner.

The Owner may be allowed to retain Personal Data for alonger period whenever the User has given consent to such processing, as longas such consent is not withdrawn. Furthermore, the Owner may be obliged toretain Personal Data for a longer period whenever required to do so for theperformance of a legal obligation or upon order of an authority.

Once the retention period expires, Personal Data shall be deleted. Therefore,the right to access, the right to erasure, the right to rectification and theright to data portability cannot be enforced after expiration of the retentionperiod.

The purposes of processing

The Data concerning the User is collected to allow theOwner to provide its Services, as well as for the following purposes:Contacting the User, Interaction with external social networks and platforms,Analytics, Managing contacts and sending messages, Registration andauthentication, Displaying content from external platforms, Content commenting,Content performance and features testing (A/B testing), Social features andSPAM protection.

Users can find further detailed information about suchpurposes of processing and about the specific Personal Data used for eachpurpose in the respective sections of this document.

Detailed information on the processing of PersonalData

Personal Data is collected for the following purposesand using the following services:

·      Analytics

The services contained in this section enable theOwner to monitor and analyze web traffic and can be used to keep track of Userbehavior.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided byGoogle Inc. (“Google”). Google utilizes the Data collected to track and examinethe use of this Application, to prepare reports on its activities and sharethem with other Google services.
Google may use the Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of itsown advertising network.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy – Opt Out.

Google Tag Manager (Google Inc.)

Google Tag Manager is an analytics service provided byGoogle Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy.

Wordpress Stats (Automattic Inc.)

Wordpress Stats is an analytics service provided byAutomattic Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy.

·      Contacting the User

Contact form (This Application)

By filling in the contact form with their Data, theUser authorizes this Application to use these details to reply to requests forinformation, quotes or any other kind of request as indicated by the form’sheader.

Personal Data collected: email address and first name.

Mailing list or newsletter (This Application)

By registering on the mailing list or for thenewsletter, the User’s email address will be added to the contact list of thosewho may receive email messages containing information of commercial orpromotional nature concerning this Application. Your email address might alsobe added to this list as a result of signing up to this Application or aftermaking a purchase.

Personal Data collected: Cookies, email address andfirst name.

·      Content commenting

Content commenting services allow Users to make andpublish their comments on the contents of this Application.
Depending on the settings chosen by the Owner, Users may also leave anonymouscomments. If there is an email address among the Personal Data provided by theUser, it may be used to send notifications of comments on the same content.Users are responsible for the content of their own comments.
If a content commenting service provided by third parties is installed, it maystill collect web traffic data for the pages where the comment service isinstalled, even when Users do not use the content commenting service.

Comment system managed directly (This Application)

This Application has its own internal content commentsystem.

Personal Data collected: Cookies, email address andfirst name.

·      Content performanceand features testing (A/B testing)

The services contained in this section allow the Ownerto track and analyze the User response concerning web traffic or behaviorregarding changes to the structure, text or any other component of thisApplication.

Google Website Optimizer (Google Inc.)

Google Website Optimizer is an A/B testing serviceprovided by Google Inc.
Google may use Personal Data to contextualize and personalize the ads of itsown advertising network.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy.

·      Displaying contentfrom external platforms

This type of service allows you to view content hostedon external platforms directly from the pages of this Application and interactwith them.
This type of service might still collect web traffic data for the pages wherethe service is installed, even when Users do not use it.

Gravatar (Automattic Inc.)

Gravatar is an image visualization service provided byAutomattic Inc. that allows this Application to incorporate content of thiskind on its pages.
Please note that if Gravatar images are used for comment forms, the commenter'semail address or parts of it may be sent to Gravatar - even if the commenterhas not signed up for that service.

Personal Data collected: email address and Usage Data.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy.

·      Interaction withexternal social networks and platforms

This type of service allows interaction with socialnetworks or other external platforms directly from the pages of thisApplication.
The interaction and information obtained through this Application are alwayssubject to the User’s privacy settings for each social network.
This type of service might still collect traffic data for the pages where theservice is installed, even when Users do not use it.

Facebook Like button and social widgets (Facebook,Inc.)

The Facebook Like button and social widgets areservices allowing interaction with the Facebook social network provided byFacebook, Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy.

Twitter Tweet button and social widgets (Twitter,Inc.)

The Twitter Tweet button and social widgets are servicesallowing interaction with the Twitter social network provided by Twitter, Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy.

·      Managing contacts andsending messages

This type of service makes it possible to manage adatabase of email contacts, phone contacts or any other contact information tocommunicate with the User.
These services may also collect data concerning the date and time when the messagewas viewed by the User, as well as when the User interacted with it, such as byclicking on links included in the message.

MailChimp (The Rocket Science Group, LLC.)

MailChimp is an email address management and messagesending service provided by The Rocket Science Group, LLC.

Personal Data collected: email address.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy.

·      Registration andauthentication

By registering or authenticating, Users allow thisApplication to identify them and give them access to dedicated services.
Depending on what is described below, third parties may provide registrationand authentication services. In this case, this Application will be able toaccess some Data, stored by these third party services, for registration oridentification purposes. Single Sign On (Automattic Inc.) Single Sign On is a registration andauthentication service provided by Automattic Inc. and is connected to the WordPress.comnetwork.

Personal Data collected: various types of Data asspecified in the privacy policy of the service.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy.

·      Social features

Inviting and suggesting friends (This Application)

This Application may use the Personal Data provided toallow Users to invite their friends - for example through the address book, ifaccess has been provided - and to suggest friends or connections inside it.

Personal Data collected: various types of Data.

Public profile (This Application)

Users may have public profiles that other Users candisplay. In addition to the Personal Data provided, this profile may containUsers' interactions with this Application.

Personal Data collected: email address, first name andlast name.

·      SPAM protection

This type of service analyzes the traffic of thisApplication, potentially containing Users' Personal Data, with the purpose offiltering it from parts of traffic, messages and content that are recognized asSPAM.

Akismet (Automattic Inc.)

Akismet is a SPAM protection service provided byAutomattic Inc.

Personal Data collected: various types of Data asspecified in the privacy policy of the service.

Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy.

The rights of Users

Users may exercise certain rights regarding their Dataprocessed by the Owner.

In particular, Users have the right to do thefollowing:

·      Withdraw their consentat any time. Users have the right to withdrawconsent where they have previously given their consent to the processing oftheir Personal Data.

·      Object to processingof their Data. Users have the right to object tothe processing of their Data if the processing is carried out on a legal basisother than consent. Further details are provided in the dedicated sectionbelow.

·      Access their Data. Users have the right to learn if Data is beingprocessed by the Owner, obtain disclosure regarding certain aspects of theprocessing and obtain a copy of the Data undergoing processing.

·      Verify and seekrectification. Users have the right to verify theaccuracy of their Data and ask for it to be updated or corrected.

·      Restrict theprocessing of their Data. Users have theright, under certain circumstances, to restrict the processing of their Data.In this case, the Owner will not process their Data for any purpose other thanstoring it.

·      Have their PersonalData deleted or otherwise removed. Usershave the right, under certain circumstances, to obtain the erasure of theirData from the Owner.

·      Receive their Data andhave it transferred to another controller. Usershave the right to receive their Data in a structured, commonly used and machinereadable format and, if technically feasible, to have it transmitted to anothercontroller without any hindrance. This provision is applicable provided thatthe Data is processed by automated means and that the processing is based onthe User's consent, on a contract which the User is part of or on pre-contractualobligations thereof.

·      Lodge a complaint. Users have the right to bring a claim beforetheir competent data protection authority.

Details about the right to object to processing

Where Personal Data is processed for a publicinterest, in the exercise of an official authority vested in the Owner or forthe purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Owner, Users may objectto such processing by providing a ground related to their particular situationto justify the objection.

Users must know that, however, should their PersonalData be processed for direct marketing purposes, they can object to thatprocessing at any time without providing any justification. To learn, whetherthe Owner is processing Personal Data for direct marketing purposes, Users mayrefer to the relevant sections of this document.

How to exercise these rights

Any requests to exercise User rights can be directedto the Owner through the contact details provided in this document. Theserequests can be exercised free of charge and will be addressed by the Owner asearly as possible and always within one month.

Cookie Policy

This Application uses Cookies. To learn more and for adetailed cookie notice, the User may consult the CookiePolicy.

Additional information about Data collection andprocessing

Legal action

The User's Personal Data may be used for legalpurposes by the Owner in Court or in the stages leading to possible legalaction arising from improper use of this Application or the related Services.
The User declares to be aware that the Owner may be required to reveal personaldata upon request of public authorities.

Additional information about User's Personal Data

In addition to the information contained in thisprivacy policy, this Application may provide the User with additional andcontextual information concerning particular Services or the collection andprocessing of Personal Data upon request.

System logs and maintenance

For operation and maintenance purposes, thisApplication and any third-party services may collect files that recordinteraction with this Application (System logs) use other Personal Data (suchas the IP Address) for this purpose.

Information not contained in this policy

More details concerning the collection or processingof Personal Data may be requested from the Owner at any time. Please see thecontact information at the beginning of this document.

How “Do Not Track” requests are handled

This Application does not support “Do Not Track”requests.
To determine whether any of the third-party services it uses honor the “Do NotTrack” requests, please read their privacy policies.

Changes to this privacy policy

The Owner reserves the right to make changes to thisprivacy policy at any time by giving notice to its Users on this page andpossibly within this Application and/or - as far as technically and legallyfeasible - sending a notice to Users via any contact information available tothe Owner. It is strongly recommended to check this page often, referring tothe date of the last modification listed at the bottom. 

Should the changes affect processing activities performed on the basis of theUser’s consent, the Owner shall collect new consent from the User, whererequired.

Definitions and legalreferences

Personal Data (or Data)

Any information that directly, indirectly, or inconnection with other information — including a personal identification number— allows for the identification or identifiability of a natural person.

Usage Data

Information collected automatically through thisApplication (or third-party services employed in this Application), which caninclude: the IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilized by theUsers who use this Application, the URI addresses (Uniform ResourceIdentifier), the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the requestto the server, the size of the file received in response, the numerical codeindicating the status of the server's answer (successful outcome, error, etc.),the country of origin, the features of the browser and the operating systemutilized by the User, the various time details per visit (e.g., the time spenton each page within the Application) and the details about the path followedwithin the Application with special reference to the sequence of pages visited,and other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's ITenvironment.


The individual using this Application who, unlessotherwise specified, coincides with the Data Subject.

Data Subject

The natural person to whom the Personal Data refers.

Data Processor (or Data Supervisor)

The natural or legal person, public authority, agencyor other body which processes Personal Data on behalf of the Controller, asdescribed in this privacy policy.

Data Controller (or Owner)

The natural or legal person, public authority, agencyor other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes andmeans of the processing of Personal Data, including the security measuresconcerning the operation and use of this Application. The Data Controller,unless otherwise specified, is the Owner of this Application.

This Application

The means by which the Personal Data of the User iscollected and processed.


The service provided by this Application as describedin the relative terms (if available) and on this site/application.

European Union (or EU)

Unless otherwise specified, all references made withinthis document to the European Union include all current member states to theEuropean Union and the European Economic Area.


Small piece of data stored in the User's device.

Legal information

This privacy statement has been prepared based onprovisions of multiple legislations, including Art. 13/14 of Regulation (EU)2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).

This privacy policy relates solely to thisApplication, if not stated otherwise within this document.