Verified nibblit's! What is a Verified Partner?

Verified nibblit's! What is a Verified Partner?


It’s time to nibble it with your partner… or ours! Because nibblit has just announced our first Venue Partnerships.  So, what does this mean?

Spot a little orange tick next to a venues name? This means that this cafe or restaurant is an offical partner on the app. All the dietary information that you see has been verified by us and the venue.

Want to hear from your favourite restaurants about discounts, deals or new menu items? Then make sure to ‘favourite’ them! A venue will notify you via a direct push notification to your home screen, making the ability to stay in touch with your favourite venues even easier.

But what if you spot a hollow orange tick? This means the dietary data has been Verified by nibblit, but the venue is not an app partner.

If you don’t see a tick on next to a venue, the dietary data you will see is user generated, therefore being a general guideline for what you could expect from a venue.

nibblit wants to bring you only the best restaurants and cafes, so when you see our Verified Partners on the app, rest assured that you’re seeing great recommendations. Happy nibbling to all our nibblilts.

Although we do our best to bring you the best recommendations, nibblit takes no responsibility for the handling of food in any of our Verified Partner venues. Always inform staff about any dietary restrictions before eating.

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