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HowTwo... Nibblit


Now this is one duo who stand out in a crowd. The Melbourne based HowTwoLive bloggers, Stef and Jess are these days recognised across the globe as two of the most stylish sisters in the fashion world. Their style consists of bold shapes and textures, quirky prints and vibrant colour matching. They are instantly recognisable through even just a quick look over their Instagram but furthermore you can quickly grasp that they are also big food lovers. With a mix match of foodie pics just as colourful as their clothes, the Daddon sisters love a cheeky sugar loaded snack, such as decadent donuts, tubs o' cookie dough or even just a classic loaded burger with fries. They sat down with us to share some of their top temptations and dining hot spots;

How did your style evolve and how did HowTwoLive come about?

S & J: We started How Two Live as a daily diary when Stef was moving to Paris in 2012, writing to each other about what we were wearing, eating, and doing. Our quirky style was what caught people's attention, and quite quickly we grew a following as that message of dressing like no one is watching really resonated with people.

Have you always had a creative spark and an eye for style?

S & J: We've always loved having fun with what we're wearing, but we really believe that style is personal. Often people will say to us "I love what you're wearing but could never pull it off", and we just tell them that pulling something off is all about confidence and anyone can pull anything off - if you believe you look great, then you will!

What was your foodie culture like growing up?

S & J: We come from a culture that revolves around a lot of eating! From chicken soup at our grandparents' house to the crêpes our mum would make on a Sunday night, all our best memories involve family and a lot of food.

What dish do you eat the most?

S & J: We eat a lot of pizza - the Melanzane pizza from Baby is a real fave.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

S & J: We're big dessert people, and you can't keep us away from anything that involves chocolate.

What are you top 3 cafes for brunch on your nibblit profile?

S & J: Monk Bodhi Darma, Journeyman, and Green Cup.

And your top 3 restaurants?

S & J: Mr Miyagi, Chin Chin, and Tipo 00.

Stef, what is Jess’ worst habit?

S: She puts strawberry jam on everything! When it's something like toast it's okay but then she'll put it on an omelette and you're like what is going on..?

And Jess, what is Stef’s worst habit?

J: She is a super slow eater! Everyone will have finished their meals like 20 minutes ago and Stef is still half way through.

Who eats more?

S & J: We're both eternal snackers, so all day every day you'll find us eating things at our desk - from fruit, to Arnott's shapes, to chocolate covered pretzels.

And for the hardest question of all, if you could only eat 2 things for the rest of your life, what would they be?

S & J: Ah that is super hard! Probably pasta and chocolate - they're both delicious and pretty hard to get sick of.

To see more of the colourful duo, head to their Instagram @howtwolive or shop their very own shoe line

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