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Hello fellow nibblit's

Welcome to our official blog. This is a place for us to share with you some of the most exciting things nibblit and our community has to offer! From our favourite venues across the globe, to interviews with chefs and your most popular food bloggers, this is an entertaining space that you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

Launching February 27th 2019

We are only days away from the official nibblit launch, beginning our journey in Melbourne, Australia. Our team has been busily working away for a year and half now, to bring you the ultimate food discovery application that will offer tailored recommendations of places to eat based on your personal preferences and dietaries. So whether you’re on a strict keto diet, you’re a lifelong coeliac or you just want to find a great new Japanese restaurant to eat at, nibblit has got you covered.  

Key features

Some of our personal favourite features including being able to see trending popular venues in your home city, follow friends (and celebrities!) to see where they’ve been eating and create personal collections, saving your favourite spots, to build up your own foodie network.

But really, we just want to hear what you love (or even don’t love) about the app. We would really appreciate your feedback, as you will be one of the first to try nibblit and help form the direction of its’ future.

Time to partay

Our officially launch will be held at Ellis Street Studio in Melbourne. With the cities top press and talent attending, we are excited for a night full of music and great food to generate some exciting buzz. Make sure you stayed tuned across our socials and blog to see all the highlights.

Furthermore, thank you for reading this and being a part of the beginning of a very exciting journey.


Team nibblit


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