Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, why do I need this?

nibblit was created to help people discover places to eat based on their dietary requirements and / or food preferences. So whether you’re gluten intolerant, vegan or allergic to smashed avocado, nibblit will only provide you with the best places YOU can dine.

If you’re someone who simply doesn’t care what they eat, nibblit is a great platform to discover new places to eat, by viewing trending restaurants & cafés around the world.

What makes nibblit different?

Unlike other food recommendation apps, nibblit is completely personalised. It supports most major food intolerances and allows a user to search with a wide variety of preferences. nibblit also recommends trending places in your city,  helps you find your next favourite spot and lets you share your discoveries with your friends.

How does nibblit work?

The algorithm is pretty special and it is the driving force behind nibblit. Without sharing too much🤐, the main variables that it takes into account are what users verify and favourite in the app, amongst other things. Essentially, it compares a single user with other users and venues that share commonalities.  

I can't find a venue...

nibblit’s database is full of almost all venues in its featured major cities, but no one is perfect so if there’s a venue you can’t find please let us know via the form website or under settings found on your nibblit profile.

Where is nibblit available?

nibblit is a user-driven application and is making its debut in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. For our friends around the globe, we’re coming for you. Let us know where we should go next!

How much does nibblit cost?

$0.00 ... that was easy! 

I'm not receiving push notifications?

If you’re not receiving notifications head to your phone’s settings and find the nibblit application. Click the button to enable notifications.

Why isn't my map working?

Easy fix, just make sure location services for our app are enabled on your mobile device! These are usually found in the settings of your phone or you can find this in our in app settings page !

I'm a venue owner, how do I get involved?

We have a few really exciting developments coming up for venue owners but these won’t be released until late 2019. To register your interest and be one of the first to jump onboard please fill out are form here

Still have a question or want to report a problem?

You can do this via the ‘report a problem’ tab under settings found in your nibblit profile. Otherwise please fill out the form found on our website.