About us

We're doing the research, so you don't have to.


What we do

nibblit is food discovery application that is currently in early release that offers tailored recommendations of restaurants and cafés based on your personal preferences and dietaries. From the moment you join our community you are presented with thousands of new places to eat in your city. Connect with friends, share curated collections and see trending popular venues in your city are just some of the other exciting features nibblit has to offer.


Who we are

nibblit was developed by two young, hard-working individuals based in Melbourne, Australia. Their passion: to help change the world in whatever way they can. When seeing a real need for people with dietaries trying to find places they can REALLY eat at, across the globe, the two got together to make this a reality and formed a young driven team to bring their concept to life. If that means discovering a great smashed avo along the way, then everyone is happy ;)

nibblit is currently in early release and will launch its venue driven experience later in 2019, with plans to head international in 2020.

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